Monday, March 19, 2012

Weight Loss Shakes and Studies: Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss Program

And that's where this remarkable program from Shaklee comes into the picture. The Cinch� Inch Loss Plan is powered by a proprietary blend of protein - enhanced with leucine - that is designed to help you break the diet cycle. Leucine is an amino acid that directly stimulates muscle protein synthesis. This means leucine helps you retain muscle mass. Researchers have been studying leucine's role in muscle metabolism for over 30 years. And body builders have used supplemental leucine to help gain and maintain muscle mass. However, more recently, leucine has been evaluated for its role in weight management because of this function in preserving lean tissue during periods of reduced calorie intake. Participants lost over 15 pounds, and 4.1 inches around their waist and 2.6 inches around their hips on average. But the best part? The study subjects showed 100% preservation of fat-free muscle mass. Now, there's more to the Cinch Inch Loss Plan than just weight loss shakes. The point is...

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