Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cinch Diet Plan - Science Behind the Shakes

The key point in any diet is to consume less calories and exercise more. The Cinch Inch-Loss Diet Plan does this by providing you with tasty diet shakes and other supplements (such as delicious meal and snack bars) so you are filled up while you shrink your portions to get down to a lower-calorie intake. Meanwhile, you don't feel tired, because you get all the vitamins and energy you need. Shaklee scientists have relied on their long history of working with athletes to gain a scientific insight as to what works for safe and effective weight loss. Instead of creating weight loss from water and muscle like with most diet programs, the Cinch Inch Loss Plan works by helping to preserve lean body mass and promoting weight loss from fat. Preserving lean body mass also prevents your metabolic rate, or ability to burn calories, from dropping. The Cinch Inch Loss Plan provides products powered by the essential amino acid leucine. Recent scientific research indicates that leucine may play a spe

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