Monday, September 2, 2013

Where to find Thrivelearning Institute Training?

Just getting some new material for you to train on - and improve your life.

Napoleon Hill's Law of Success in 16 Lessons 

We're stirring the pot, as usual, just to keep things spicy throughout.

With some more material uncovered, this shows up as the 3rd or 4th hard-drive we've filled with research material. So a brilliant early-am insight (got me out of bed) told me to simply publish is all on the Internet and you can decide for yourself what's good or bad.

The point is that you can get started with training, either classic books as above, or some of this more modern Internet Marketing material which is more current.

And you may know by now how I love to give you choices about what to do with your life.

Because once you sort out (more or less) your basic beingness - what you think about yourself - then you are ready to start doing. And some of this doingness has a great deal of specifics to it.

What's coming down the line will be a lot of books you can put to use for your self.

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